Hoping marijuana will cure my acid reflux

Acid reflux rules my life now. I never experienced anything like it until I hit thirty years old. Suddenly tons of food crippled me. I feel a hard, cold lump in my throat. It burns and makes me sick. If I eat pizza or anything with red sauce, I actually throw up. I know I need to jump out of bed and let the acid sink down to my stomach. I get nauseous if I lay on my side now. It is just horrible. I have cut out a lot of food. I don’t eat anything salty, fattening or loaded with sugar. I don’t eat red sauce, garlic, onion, hot sauce or anything fun. It is all brand foods for me. I make sure to eat early, sit up right and work out. I still experience pain. I recently read online that marijuana has been linked with helping stomach issues. Some people experience acid reflux relief by using medical marijuana. I am intrigued by this. Unfortunately my state is only permitting medical cannabis. So I can’t just walk into the dispensary and try whatever I want. I actually need to get a medical weed card and do it myself. I have looked up a list of medical ailments they prescribe for. Sadly acid reflux isn’t one of them. I have thought about doing the appointment and just lying. I wonder if I can get weed for something else that will also have my stomach issues. I am that desperate at this point. I will do anything not to be in pain at night.
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