Some people struggle with the psychoactive effects of THC

I understand why some people would try alcohol and not like it, regardless of any fears they might have about alcohol dependency.

Just feeling intoxicated is too much for some people who prefer to live their lives sober. The first time I tried liquor, it was a strange experience because I couldn’t compare it to anything else. Aside from the bizarre psychological feeling it gave me, I remember a physical lack of coordination, a numbness, and a general sense of queasiness in my stomach. Whenever my friends insisted on having me drink with them again, I would return to this question in my mind of whether the experience was worth the negative side effects. I generally stopped liking alcohol at that point in my life. Then suddenly things changed drastically when a close friend let me take a few hits of a joint he was smoking while we took a hike in a nearby state park. I felt an immediate calmness followed by an intense intellectual curiosity and connection to nature that I had never experienced before. It was an amazing experience and was nothing like the effects I would get from hard liquor, beer, or wine. However, I have heard plenty of people say the exact opposite things about cannabis and alcohol. Some people cannot stand the psychoactive effects of THC and find the cannabinoid to be too uncomfortably psychedelic for their tastes. They might not like their mind being expanded to that degree, and would much rather feel tranquilized like one would when they’re drunk. They might even prefer CBD if they’re only looking for a feeling of calmness and a pain relieving effect.


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