Cannabis flower products have gone down in price in my state recently

We are all hurting from the price increases that come with inflation.

Even those who are better off with six figure incomes are dealing with heavy financial losses, particularly if they have a lot of credit debt or mortgages on multiple properties.

Just trying to get your food and essentials from the grocery store is much harder than it was 12 months ago. Much has changed for the worse in the time since. For instance, the price of my favorite french fries from my local supercenter increased by literally 100% since this time last year. I thought the inflation levels never got higher than 9%! How does one account for certain products literally doubling in price over this period of time? It’s absolutely bonkers when I start to think about it. My pay increased a tiny bit last year, but it’s not enough to offset what I’m forced to pay when I go to the grocery store to buy food to survive. The only saving grace right now with products that I buy regularly is the drop in price for cannabis flower products in my state. Back when my state first unveiled cannabis flower products in 2019, an eighth of an ounce of marijuana was around $50. Now you can get the same quality cannabis for as little as $15 for the same amount, while $50 will get you high quality cannabis that is on a level that stuff in 2019 couldn’t hold a candle to when you sit down and compare. I’m happy that I can buy marijuana on a budget if I need to or get top shelf if I’m willing to spend a little bit of money.

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