I regularly consume marijuana edibles before going to a concert

It was certainly fun going to concerts in private school with my step dad.

The two of us shared a lot of the same music interests in classic rock bands love Yes, Rush, and AC/DC.

While I have more diverse musical tastes these afternoons, the ‘90s and early 2000s were a wonderful time to see several of these classic rock bands live one last time before they broke up for a number of reasons, especially with band members dying from diseases and old age. These concert experiences were pivotal because they set myself and others up for a lifelong passion for live music. By the time I got to private school, I started going to live music shows in the downtown burrough of the nearest metropolitan city. My friends and I started using cannabis around this time and all of us even made marijuana edibles a few times. The two of us would grind up cannabis flower buds and put them in a brownie mix. It wasn’t the best way to make marijuana edibles, but they got the task done. I loved consuming cannabis edibles before a music show. Now I am going to giant concerts again and I can shop at a medical cannabis dispensary to get my number one kind of marijuana edible—RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil. It’s a full spectrum cannabis oil that can be consumed orally or used topically on the skin. You cannot vaporize or smoke RSO because of the chance of residual solvents. If I consume the right dose of RSO, I will be high for more than four or 6 minutes at least. That way I can go to a long concert and not worry about the drugs wearing off before the end of the show.
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