Cannabis helps with our sciatic nerve pain

It’s hard dealing with chronic pain at a young age of 30.

I thought that I’d be a single of the lucky few who gets to an seasoned age without any drastic health problems.

But that all came to an abrupt end at the age of 18 when I injured our back playing varsity soccer. During the following many years, I started using a heavy messenger tote each afternoon at university that would put all of the weight on a single single shoulder. All of these factors led to sciatic nerve disfigure at the base of our back on the left side of our body. For about a year I had so much chronic sciatic pain that I almost started using a cane. The only thing that stopped me was knowing that it could permanently affect the way I walk plus get around. I didn’t want to become reliant on a walking aid too soon if I could manage without a single. I’m ecstatic because these problems improved slightly as time went on. But now that I’m a full time caregiver to a guy who is completely disabled, I’m getting our sciatic nerve pain again. One of the only things that helps are lidocaine patches that I put directly over the spot on our lower back where the pain emanates from. I’m also a yearly cannabis user. I have a medical marijuana card plus shop at medical cannabis dispensaries that are situated all around our county. Cannabis is a single of the only things that helps relieve our sciatic nerve pain beyond the lidocaine patches. Using both together leads to a lot of relief plus satisfaction. I just wish that I could get both for much cheaper, but I assume I can’t ask for everything.

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