I use CBD patches to relieve pain from my sciatic nerve injury

Back injuries are some of the worst sources of physical pain.

Whether you’re sitting or standing, sometimes you’re constantly feeling some level of pain from whatever injury you have.

I had a friend with a neck injury from soccer who went to a bad chiropractor and now he has herniated discs in his necks and more pain than ever before. Don’t always assume that a specialist knows what they’re doing just because they’re recommended by people you and hope you can trust. During college, I was using a messenger bag that was full of heavy books and a laptop computer. Since the messenger bag would hang from one side on my back, it caused an unnatural amount of pressure on just one side of my back at any given moment. After picking up one of my dogs during this time, I felt the horrifyingly painful pinch in my back and I collapsed to the floor. Ever since this time, I have had chronic back and leg pain. It gets worse the longer I’m on my feet, but at least I have CBD to treat the pain. I started out purchasing CBD edibles and letting those absorb into my entire body. I loved the numbing feeling I’d get from high doses of CBD edibles. However, the location of the nerve that causes my sciatic is at the base of my back on the left side and I learned I could focus the CBD into that area to get the most benefits. That involves CBD topicals like cream and skin patches. I love my CBD patches because they provide localized pain relief over long periods of time.



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