A proper hurricane celebration with booze as well as cannabis

Right now the whole neighborhood is in a total panic.

All of us have barely reused from the big hurricane that hit us a few weeks ago, as well as now another is on the way! Count your blessings if you are far enough north that you don’t need to contend with these vicious storms.

A storm is just a storm, although a hurricane feels more like a storm that has anger issues as well as wants to hurt people! The last hurricane wiped out an entire trailer park south of town, as well as shut down almost all dealerships for many days, and before the new storm hits I need to make sure to stock up on the essentials, mostly vodka as well as cannabis. I did the exact same thing before the last hurricane, as well as it was a true life-saver! Not in the literal sense, of course, cannabis did not undoubtedly save our life. It did help to save our sanity, because spending 3 days with no Wi-Fi or electricity would have been next to impossible if I didn’t have cannabis as well as booze on hand! I call it my “hurricane celebration” as well as deliver myself permission to drink as much booze as well as smoke as much marijuana as I can. This is why other people dread hurricanes but I look forward to them – because even in a worst case scenario I will be sipping my cocktails as well as smoking fat blunts of Blue Dream or Purple Haze. I even keep a few cannabis edibles in the house, just for a greater depth of our high. The only concern is that no matter how much cannabis I buy, I typically wind up smoking it all while every one of us were in the storm.
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