Every one of us sat outside and smoked pot all night

A lot of people do not love being outdoors, but I entirely enjoy being outside in nature among the plants, trees, and pets.

I enjoy the odor of the lake and the woods.

It makes myself and others know calm and relaxed. My friends and I frequently go camping in the national forest. It’s about an hour outside of the city, but the drive is not too exhausting because the scenery is honestly pretty; Last time our friends and I went camping, the two of us stayed up all night and smoked marijuana. I brought recreational marijuana with myself and others and so did our neighbor Jack, and jack brought a whole ounce of OG kush. OG Kush is a wonderful strain that is an Indica dominant leaning hybrid. OG Kush is 1 of the most well-rounded and stretchy strains. It has a short flowering time and can be harvested hastily. I brought a case of pre rolls that were a strain called Gorilla Glue number 4. Jack, Dave, and I sat outside by the fire all night on Friday. Every one of us put a ton of wood on the fire and it was honestly sizzling and toasty outside. I had a couple of beers earlier that evening, but I felt honestly relaxed and stress-free after the two of us sat down and started smoking recreational marijuana. There are so many nice things about marijuana. I know it should be legalized all over the country so that every person can love the benefits of medical and recreational marijuana products, then currently only ⅔ of the country guess the medical benefits of marijuana and the number is growing each year
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