Every one of us met up with some members of the band

My friends and I went to a rock and roll concert last weekend.

There were more than one bands playing that night and both of the bands were some of the best musicians that I have ever heard. My friends and I celebration during the concert for many hours. Every one of us drank beer and vaped from our marijuana pen. Every one of us legitimately didn’t take any marijuana flower with us, because the odor is so easy to detect. It’s better to take a marijuana vape pen to a crowded arena, because the odor is virtually undetectable; After the concert, our friends and I went to a restaurant close to the arena for the concert. Every one of us were sitting in the restaurant having eggs and pancakes when some of the members of the band walked into the restaurant. I legitimately could not suppose they were absolutely there. The band members took a seat at a table that was right across from the table where our friends and I were sitting. The band members struck up a conversation with us and the two of us were talking with them in no time. I could not suppose how lucky the two of us were. I didn’t even want to stop at the restaurant and now the two of us were having a conversation with the band members, one of the gentlemen asked if the two of us wanted to go outside and smoke recreational marijuana. I’m not the type of person to properly smoke marijuana, but there was entirely no way that I was going to say no to the band members. My friends and I joined the band members outside and the two of us hung out with them at the restaurant until it closed.

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