The security guard was an old boyfriend of mine

My boyfriend and I went to a recreational and medical marijuana shop nearby and I had not been to that shop in a while.

I’ve been ordering marijuana from a delivery service that has excellent prices and great value and deals. I didn’t recognize any of the staff, especially the security guard who was sitting behind the counter. His back was to me when we walked into the store and I didn’t see his face until I was getting out my ID. As soon as I got out my id, I recognized the security guard. He was an old boyfriend of mine. I immediately felt very uncomfortable. I didn’t say anything to my boyfriend, because it was awkward and weird. The security guard stared at me the whole time we were in line waiting to order from the marijuana dispensary. We got some edibles and a couple of marijuana pre rolls from the lady at the counter. I could feel the guy’s eyes on me the whole time. I wanted to say something to my boyfriend in the store, but I didn’t want to start an argument. When my boyfriend and I got outside, I told him that I knew the security guy. He knew the guy too and the two of us laughed that we had some of the same friends and didn’t even know it. It turns out that my ex-boyfriend and his sister dated in high school. It’s a very weird and small world that we live in and it is easy to run into someone that you know.

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