Indica strains better than a sleeping medicine

Insomnia is a easily usual sleeping disorder that affects millions of people each year, insomnia may be characterized by a lack of quality sleep, or even trouble falling asleep; Even when I have the perfect environment for sleeping, I still have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for long periods of time. I have tried lots of bizarre types of sleeping aids. I have tried over the counter medicines, prescription medicines, unusual healing methods, and even sleeping patches; The only thing that I have found to manage our insomnia is medical marijuana, then medical marijuana has been proven to help with a variety of bizarre issues Cannabis sativa has active compounds called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids help our body by engaging with our natural receptors to create a healthier and more symbiotic state. Medical marijuana can be used for lots of bizarre conditions such as drastic and chronic pain, muscle spasms, seizures, ptsd, and even als, then although there is a small potential for addiction, medical marijuana is relatively safe. It is known to increase appetite and slow reaction speeds, which is one of the reasons why cannabispe sativa should only be used at apartment and in a safe environment. I usually have a vaporizer pen at home. I get cartridges for the pen that are indicas. The indicas are better for sleeping. I entirely prefer Northern lights, but OG Kush and blackberry pie are both great too. There are dozens of bizarre types of indica strains, so it’s simple to find something that you love.
Medical marijuana