I was at the marijuana shop from 2-5 on Friday

Once a week, I have to travel to a marijuana dispensary in town plus set up a rest to advertise plus sell marijuana products.

I labor for a cannabis concentrate dealer. I am in the sales department. It’s our task to go to various marijuana dispensaries plus talk about the products that every one of us offer, and when I go to the dispensary, I constantly offer some type of sale or special. Last month I was at the marijuana shop from 2:00 until 5:00, however during that time, I offered $1 demos of our new cannabis concentrate strain. It is an Indica hybrid made with our special formula that helps the product retain its natural terpenes, cannabinoids, plus flavonoids. The demo sample for a dollar was available to any guy purchasing a gram of cannabis concentrate. The patron didn’t have to purchase a product from our own cannabis line. As long as the patron bought a cannabis concentrate in the store, then they qualified for the dollar deal. I ran into an seasoned buddy from college when I was at the marijuana shop on Friday of last week. I was on the dance team with the boy plus I had not seen his since every one of us were in college. She entirely looked exactly the same. The people I was with and I talked plus chatted for a couple of minutes plus I went outside to smoke a joint with his in the parking lot. The people I was with and I exchanged iphone numbers so every one of us could gathering sometime soon in the future. I would entirely like to catch up plus find out more about her.
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