After I broke my leg, I tried medical marijuana

During the day I work as a house painter.

  • I do interior and exterior painting for residential and commercial companies.

I spend a lot of time on a ladder, and sometimes I am outside when it is hot and humid. The sun gets in my eyes when it is shining and at times it makes me lose my balance. I have fallen off of a ladder a couple of different times, but last week was the worst injury that I have ever received. I broke my leg after falling down the ladder and landing on the bottom run. My leg was completely twisted in a way that broke several of the bones. The doctor was surprised that I didn’t pass out from all of the pain. After the accident, I had to spend a couple of days in the hospital, but then I was released to go home. My roommate works at a medical marijuana dispensary. He brought marijuana supplies home for me to try. I had not used marijuana at all in the past. I did not know what to expect from the plant. The first few times that I used marijuana products, I slept a lot. I smoked a marijuana joint and then I passed out on the couch. After a few days, I got used to the side effects of the marijuana joint and I stayed awake for longer after I smoked the marijuana joint. I will probably keep using marijuana products now that I have discovered how well they work for pain relief.