Anxiety relief comes with a trip to the legal weed store

I can’t actually remember a time when I wasn’t dealing with some form of anxiety. Fear has actually ruled our life. And with all of that anxiety came a bunch of depression. It has not been the happiest of lives. But all of that is increasing thanks to myself and others learning how to get a medical marijuana card. I just wish I had been the understanding of the medical marijuana benefits for anxiety some 30 years ago; But I am so grateful to have access to the medical marijuana dispensary now… I can’t even imagine if medical marijuana wasn’t legal. I am not sure how much longer I could even deal with that level of anxiety and depression. It was so exhausting for myself and others that I had to work from condo for the last 10 years. I even went to university from our parents condo because I was afraid to live in a dorm room; That’s what anxiety does, it limits your life. I am just so lucky to have a sibling who has loved and cared for myself and others no matter what. And he is the 1 who encouraged myself and others to figure out just how to get a medical marijuana card, my sibling then helped myself and others get our way through all the cannabis rules. But he did not stop there as he took myself and others by the hand and coaxed myself and others inside the cannabis dispensary that first visit. Thanks to the legal weed store, I am treating with cannabis flower products that are section of our overall therapy. I cannot think the results. for the first time in our life I absolutely understand what joy might know like. That does not happen without access to a cannabis dispensary.


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