I’m able to sleep again with an assist from medical cannabis

It’s so interesting to have my ability to sleep come back.

There are times where I’ll just go take a nap just because I can! That wasn’t at all possible until I discovered the medical marijuana benefits when it comes to insomnia.

Insomnia is one of the worst situations I’ve ever had to deal with in this life. It bludgeoned me over the head so bad I didn’t know which way was up. However, it was a long time coming as I look back on that period of my life. I just didn’t take rest seriously at all. This led two lots of sleep deprivation. I just don’t know if I could have continued living the way I was when I wasn’t sleeping. The meds I got from the doctor would definitely help me sleep. But the next day was like trying to deal with life through a layer of gauze. I was just in a fog all the time. I don’t know which was worse, not sleeping or dealing with the side effects from those medications. A friend of mine suggested I go to the cannabis dispensary events held at the cannabis dispensary. That’s where I spoke with some experts who were very knowledgeable when it comes to medical marijuana benefits as it relates to insomnia. I was moved enough that I promptly got busy dealing with the cannabis rules so I could get access to the legal weed store. It took less than two weeks of treating with cannabis flower products before I was sleeping five or six hours a night. After a couple more months, I was getting 7 hours of sleep. And this is all a credit to cannabis flower products and the experts at my legal weed store.
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