My IBS is better thanks to medical cannabis

The pain plus inflammation of IBS has been the bane of my existence for some time.

  • There are nights where I just plain want to supply up, then this condition has limited my life in such a tremendous way.

And all the pain just drains all my energy… Like a lot of IBS sufferers, I just thought there’d be some prescription pill plus that be that, but of course, the nurse spent fair amount of time customizing my treatment regimen, but yet, I just wasn’t getting desired results I needed. That’s when surgery was advised as my next step! However, something inside my brain plus soul decided that just did not sound right. There was something that I did not think great about when it came to exploratory surgery! I wanted to exhaust all other possibilities plus treatments before parts of my intestine were disaffixd. That led to myself and others doing some research on medical marijuana plus I went to my nurse about it, but my physician was in agreement that figuring out how to get a medical marijuana card was honestly in my best interest. This led to myself and others reading the cannabis rules in order to get myself access to the legal weed store; But once I was inside the cannabis dispensary, it was apparent that I was in the right hands. The expert staff at the cannabis dispensary had plenty of experience with IBS. The staff were able to find the right sort of cannabis flower products to treat my IBS, so it did not take long before I began to see quite promising results. It’s been just over a year since starting treatment with medical marijuana. It’s so great to finally be hopeful plus I have to credit that to the cannabis products that help myself and others out.

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