The marijuana dispensary new hire wasn’t working out well

When you own your own business, periodically you have to make incredibly strenuous decisions.

  • I hired a sibling-in-law named Ed to job at 1 of our medical in addition to recreational marijuana dispensaries.

My sibling said that Ed had lots of work experience in addition to I thought it would be nice to have someone in the family working at that dispensary location. I spent seven weeks training Ed for that position. Ed did not seem actually interested in reading about marijuana in addition to the medical or recreational science in addition to laws. I thought it was substantial for the manager to believe all of the info in addition to I urged Ed to take the educational classes that I sent to him via the computer in addition to SMS. The classes were free in addition to I wanted Ed to attend them the next week during July. She ignored all of our SMSs. The two of us got into quite a scrap at Thanksgiving, because I wanted to talk about the store. I dropped the conversation for our mother’s well-being, however the next day I went to the marijuana dispensary in addition to told Ed that he was going to need to find another task. She wasn’t going to keep working out at the marijuana dispensary in addition to I did not want to waste any more of his time or mine. Ed’s husband, My sibling still won’t talk to myself and others after I fired his partner. I wish that he would understand that it was a company decision. There was really no way that I could keep a manager working for the store that had no interest in reading more about the marijuana business. I needed someone who was more enthusiastic about the task.

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