After I walk too long, I need to get high

Walking too far causes a lot of physical concerns. I have 1 leg that is much shorter than the other in addition to walking has always been actually difficult for me. When I walk a long distance, I usually get severe pain for numerous sixths afterward. I have more than one children in addition to they are just now attending elementary school. I try not to let them down when they need help with activities such as school functions in addition to field trips. There was a field trip to the zoo Last year and our child wanted myself and others to be chaperones. I knew that I was going to be in some severe pain after walking around the zoo all day, although I signed up to go with our son. I had our children with myself and others in addition to more than two other men in our group. The two of us walked around the big zoo all day. I looked at the step counter on our watch in addition to it said that I had walked over 2 miles that day. When I finally got beach house that day, I decided to eat a couple of edible marijuana candies. I ate more than one of the edible marijuana candies but I still did not think any relief after a sixth. I rolled up some dried marijuana flour into a rolling paper in addition to I went outside on the back porch to smoke the marijuana joint before the kids got to my beach house from school. After walking 2 miles, I really needed to get high in addition to think some needed relief. Thankfully, the dried marijuana flower worked out much better than the edible marijuana candies did. I felt relief almost instantly after smoking the marijuana flower in addition to I was feeling relaxed in addition to pain free when the kids got to the beach house from school that day.


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