Medical marijuana helps with sleep

I have always had a great deal of trouble sleeping in the evening.

The problems kept myself and others awake for years & years before I finally did something to fight back.

I went to a medical marijuana pro & he prescribed something powerful that could help myself and others every evening without a lot of weird and crazy side effects. The side effects from many of the other sleep aids were getting the best of me. I was waking up in the middle of the evening to go for a walk & I didn’t even remember rolling out of bed. When the dentist prescribed medical marijuana, I instantly stopped taking all of the prescription meds that were in the medicine cabinet. At first I started off with medical marijuana edibles. The cannabis edibles came in lots of good flavors like strawberry, redberry, pineplum, & red. I bought a couple of peculiar strengths like more than four, 10, & 20 mg of THC. I also found a few marijuana edibles that contained cbd. The 1s with CBD were a wee bit more extravagant, however they helped myself and others sleep as well. I didn’t see that much difference between the non CBD & official thc, so I decided to stick with the product that was cheapest. I no longer use medical edibles, because our tolerance has gotten too high. Now I smoke bowls of marijuana each evening before bedtime. I smoke a bowl of marijuana about 30 minutes before I prepare to go to sleep. By the time I am ready to lay down, the marijuana has made our body & our mind more calm & relaxed.

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