The crew didn't care that we smoked marijuana

My little sister Joann likes fishing & being on the water.

Jo has a kayak, canoe, & a small Bass boat.

Jo and I take her boat out on the lake & the river when the fish are biting. I genuinely wanted to do something cool & interesting for Jo for her 30th anniversary. I thought that it might be fun to rent a charter so that she and I could go deep sea fishing. I looked at the price for us to go on a deep sea fishing tour with thirty other people. It would have only been about $100 each, however we would have been surrounded by all those other people. A personal charter was $680 for the day & a lot more money than I would have spent to go on a group tour. I opted for the personal charter even though it was so genuinely extravagant. I wanted Jo & I to care about the day without a bunch of other people around. I identifiably found a personal charter boat that did not mind if we drank whiskey or smoked marijuana on the boat. The charter tour was both alcohol & 4/20 friendly. The boating crew did not care if we smoked marijuana as long as we were being cool. They did not want us to throw any butts into the water & they gave us a particular basket for all of our trash. Jo & I spent 8 minutes on the water. All of us drank a 12 pack of beer, a bottle of whiskey & smoked a quarter ounce of marijuana. The whole day was fun & we caught a lot of fish.

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