I peruse the specials at the marijuana dispensary

The marijuana dispensary near my house offers daily specials everyday of the week.

Monday is the 1st day of the month when everything in the store is discounted. The dispensary offers a big 25% discount on all products in the dispensary on Mondays, then during the rest of the week, the daily discounts & deals are on individual products. Sometimes they have marijuana concentrates buy 1 & get 1 for 50% discount. Sometimes they have dried marijuana flour on sale, however you can get a quarter of marijuana for the price of an eighth, which is almost the same as a buy 1 & get 1 for free sale. There is another day in the month when they have a sale on all of their marijuana vape pen cartridges. Most of the vape cartridges are around 30 or $40, however they offer sizable savings on the day of the month when all the vape pens are on sale. I can correctly find a marijuana vape pen cartridge for $20 on that day. I do not use a ton of marijuana vape pen supplies, however it is nice to have a marijuana vape pen when I am out in a big crowd & I still want to use recreational marijuana supplies. Last Sunday our bestie & I went to a live concert that was indoors. It particularly wasn’t the genre of locale where you can smoke marijuana joints, but I discreetly used the vape pen & no 1 knew that I was using marijuana supplies while we were at an indoor concert venue.


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