The recreational marijuana prices were higher than I expected

My friends and I went on vacation for a long 4-day weekend. We decided to go to a place where the city never sleeps. There are lots of casinos, bars, and clubs that are open until the middle of the night or all night long. My friends and I were excited to go to the city. It was our first time visiting the place with all of the lights and music. There were shows downtown every single night and tickets to see performers were available for $20 each from a number of vendors on the street. While my friends and I were in the city, we decided to go to a recreational marijuana dispensary. Recreational marijuana sales are not legal where we live, but they are legal in the state where we were visiting. Any person over the age of 21 years old with a valid state identification card could buy recreational marijuana products from the store. My friends and I decided to go to the dispensary. We really wanted to see what it looked like inside. We were Amazed by the selection. There were items all over the place and all of the walls were filled with marijuana products. We did not expect the prices of the recreational marijuana products to be so high. We expected prices that would be much lower. The prices for recreational marijuana were only 20% lower than the price of medical marijuana where my friends and I lived. There was a much larger selection of products but the prices were definitely a lot higher than I expected. We only bought a couple of pre-rolls, but I still spent close to fifty bucks.

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