The dispensary delivery girl is super cute and really nice

I started using recreational marijuana about 5 years ago.

My friends and I were in school together and we studied hard every night.

I smoked recreational marijuana to help me calm down after a long day of tests, exams, and quizzes. It made me feel more relaxed and that was helpful after a long semester of classes. I continued to use recreational mairjuana products all through my college years. I regularly smoke recreational marijuana everyday now. I purchased my recreational marijuana products from a dispensary not too far from the apartment where I live. I’ve been going to that dispensary for a while, because there is a girl that is super cute and really nice. She works as a delivery driver on Fridays and Saturday nights. Throughout the week, I go directly to the dispensary to buy all of my products, but on Saturdays and Sundays I order using the delivery service so I have an excuse to run into the cute girl. Last Friday night, I ordered a couple of marijuana vape pens and a half ounce of dried marijuana flour. When the girl arrived with my items, I was really tempted to ask for her phone number. She was being super friendly and it was the best opportunity to get her number without sounding weird and creepy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the nerve to ask for her number and I let her walk out the door without telling her that I was interested. Now I have to wait until next week to see her again.

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