After the guys fell asleep, I smoked a big bowl of marijuana

My friends and I all went to a midnight showing of our favorite scary movie.

  • They played the movie in the theater, even though it was an older movie from the 1970s.

We snuck some alcohol into the theater so my friends and I could drink while we were watching the show. We didn’t bother taking recreational marijuana supplies to the theater, because we didn’t want to get caught and get kicked out of the movie theater. A few months ago I was at the movies and someone was using a marijuana vape pen. The usher at the theater as the guy to leave after someone complained about the smell of marijuana. When my friends and I got back to the apartment, we planned to smoke marijuana. My friends were tired and they decided to go to bed early. I wasn’t ready to go home yet, so I packed a bowl with a couple of marijuana buds. I chose an Indica called OG kush. OG Kush is a hybrid strain, but it is Indica dominant. I knew that the hybrid strain would make me feel tired after I smoke a whole bowl. I sat in the living room with headphones and I watched the last part of the tv show I was watching earlier that day. After I smoked the recreational marijuana bowl, I was ready to pass out and sleep like the dead. I ended up sleeping the next day until noon. The guys got up early to go fishing at the canal, but I slept until it was lunch time.


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