I found great deals on BOGO edibles

My friend Ben does not love to go to the marijuana dispensary.

Ben does not want anyone to know her business.

Ben thinks that the weed dispensary has a record they are keeping just in case they want to Blackmail anyone in the city. I sincerely know that Ben is a little psycho, but I don’t mind going to the weed dispensary to get her whatever she needs, then recreational marijuana was made legal in the state. There is no prescription necessary, so it does not matter if I buy cannabis for our mom. I was working from a weird office a couple of weeks ago. I must have stunk like marijuana, because 1 of our coworkers told me about a great dispensary that was about 15 or 20 miles south of the city. The site supposedly had the best deals on marijuana in the whole state. The dispensary did not use an online website. I was absolutely frustrated about that, because I wanted to find out what they had available before I went to the shop. They didn’t even list the sales, deals or specials online. My coworker said that drive would actually be worth it plus the guy said he would take me. I normally would have said yep, but I just had our automobile fully detailed plus cleaned plus sanitized plus I didn’t want any germs in there yet. I went to the cannabis dispensary on our own. They had a buy 1 plus get 1 free sale on a ton of products. I found an especially great deal on BOGO edibles for Ben. I got her four different packages with four different flavors.


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