The order switched with another order

There was a commotion at the sales counter of the marijuana dispensary, so I went to the front desk to see what was going on.

As director of this marijuana dispensary, it is our responsibility to handle any and all problems that come up. I took control of the situation abruptly. A regular client came in the store because there was a mix-up with his order! He had just picked up the order from our drive-through window in the front of the marijuana dispensary. Blessedly, the man’s order was not correct plus did not appear to belong to that guy, but nothing in the order was correct. The man ordered 2 grams of cannabis concentrate, 2 eighths of marijuana flower, plus 2 pre-rolls. Inside of his package was 8 pre-rolls, a half ounce of marijuana, plus 2 bags of cannabis edibles. It seemed that it was a pretty big mix-up, so I told the client that the two of us would happily make everything right. That really made the client more calm plus glad. I wanted to diffuse the situation, but I really wanted to be 100% sure that the client left the dispensary feeling glad plus taken care of! Clearly the order snafu was on our side so it was up to us to make things right. I stuffed the basket with a couple of extra items that the two of us had in the back. I provided the guy 2 extra grams of cannabis oil plus a couple of our custom pre rolls. The items were absolutely worth seventy dollars. I know it helped make the client a lot more forgiving.

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