Little check ins with the corporation consultant

I firmly assume in a little repair from time to time, with my lake house I get typical HVAC tune ups, plumbing repair plus pest control sprays, i also go to the dentist, get checked out by my dentist plus frequently get massages.

A little work throughout the year makes a huge difference.

When it comes to business, I do the same thing, but once a year I hire a cannabis consultant to come into my store plus take a look. I want to know if everything looks neat plus tidy. Am I making the kind of money I should? How do my books look? Are the budtenders performing well? I have a cannabis consultant create a whole spreadsheet of numbers basically showing me what my corporation is doing per year. It lets me know if everything is on track plus okay, but most of the time the marijuana consultant just confirms what I already know. Occasionally he will find something major though! Recently the cannabis consultant showed me that I sell so much more cannabis flower than any other product; He highlighted the most popular strains. I order the cannabis flower at the same rate as tinctures, edibles plus smoking equipment though. He recommended me upping my ordering plus offering more strains of flower plus less of the others. I have since adapted what I offer plus I observed a spike in how much I make per week. It was a honestly smart suggestion. My grower was more than excited to supply me with all the flower that I wanted plus is even working on a new strain.


Recreational marijuana business consulting service