Cannabis consultant helped make us different

My edible line is so popular now

I hastily realized that my cannabis dispensary was losing currency left and right! The amount of purchasers was dwindling, but i knew it was due to the competition. There are just so various cannabis dispensaries now! Being a cannabis dispensary in the city is tough. I offer both medical and recreational products, but that is not too big of a help. I realized hastily that I was just like every other store. My cannabis dispensary wasn’t identifiable to the competition at all, and why would someone choose to shop with me vs someone else? I needed something to set me apart. I wasn’t sure what though. I decided hiring a professional would help me. The cannabis consutlatnw as worth his weight in gold. The guy scoped out the competition and figured what they all offered, he then deduced there was something lacking in our city, and nobody had a actually good selection of edibles. If you wanted edibles, you were limited to cannabis drinks and gummies. The cannabis consultant pushed me heavily leaning into the edible route. The guy helped me set up an on location bakery where homemade cannabis goods were made… All of us now offer cakes, cookies, pies, bars, and brownies. There are even cannabis cooking oils, butters and spreads available. I have worked with a local grower to get seasonings for veggies and fish. My edible line is so popular now. I get tourists and locals that come into the store to see what the sweet treat of the month is. The cannabis consultant was right, I am totally odd from my competition now.

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