They let us drink plus eat in the theater

I missed going to the films when everything was closed down plus it wasn’t safe.

I recently started going to the films with my friends.

All of us still tried to rest in a spot that isn’tclose to other people. All of us do not wear a mask in the theater, although I have had all of our vaccinations. All of us went to the theater last night to see a Halloween themed show. If you paid for one ticket, then you got the second film for free. The theater showed the original Halloween, plus then they showed the Night of the Living dead. All of us were allowed to eat plus drink inside of the theater because it was a special double feature. The theater served food from the concession rest plus every one of us were allowed to bring our own alcohol. They did not even say anything if you brought your own food. The cost for the double feature Halloween ticket was only $20. That’s a pretty nice deal for numerous films, even if the films are outdated horror films. My friends plus I were seated in an part right under the projector near the back of the theater. All of us could see all of the dust plus dirt inside of the camera when it shined out onto the screen. I also saw some smoke when it was clearly coming from a few rows in front of my friends plus i. After I saw the smoke, I smelled marijuana; Someone was smoking recreational marijuana in the Dipson Theater. I doubted the usher was going to put up with recreational marijuana in the theater, but nobody ever came to say anything about the smell or the smell.


recreational marijuana