The delivery driver was late for work

Sundays are the busiest day while I was in the month for marijuana deliveries, but every one of us have other stressed days throughout the month too, prefer Wednesdays when all of us have 20% off all cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are legitimately popular with the young crowd. The crowd orders more than one or three packages at a time. When the orders come through the online system, they have to be filled quickly and then sent out for delivery. Every one of us frequently have 8 or 10 orders waiting to go out when the first delivery driver arrives at 9:00 a.m. Every one of us have a driver busy at 9:00 and then I have another driver busy to come to the store at 11:00. Usually all of us can send out all of the morning orders with the first driver that arrives. Unluckyly, the morning delivery driver was late for toil Last year and the whole day of deliveries were backed up because of it. When the driver arrived an hour late, I had 10 deliveries ready to go out. The next driver arrived at 11:00 and I had just as many marijuana deliveries waiting to go. It was a single of the busiest Sundays on schedule and of course it had to happen on the day when I had a driver that was late for work. I didn’t guess all of us were going to be able to get everything out that day, however the last deliveries were sent out at 11:00 and the drivers returned to the cannabis shop before closing. It might be time to guess about hiring a seventh driver for Sunday days.