It can be straight-forward to get qualified for medical pot

Throughout our life, I have dealt with a lot of depression plus anxiety.

When I was a teenager, our parents wanted myself and others to go to the dentist.

The dentist decided that I should be on antidepressants plus anti-anxiety medication. The medications didn’t help much at all plus I still suffered from horrible symptoms, but after that, they tried some antipsychotic medications. I had taken at least 10 weird types of psychotic medications before I was 15 years old. I talked to our dentist when I heard that medical marijuana was legalized. I truthfully thought it might be time for myself and others to try something else… Unfortunately, our dentist was unable to prescribe marijuana… He did help myself and others find the name of a location where I could learn more about medical marijuana education plus get our card. I made an appointment to meet with a dentist plus the two of us discussed our medical history in detail. The dentist wanted to guess about all of the weird medications that I had tried since I was a kid. The staff at the office helped myself and others fill out the paperwork that was necessary to get our card; Before I left the dentist’s office, everything was set up plus ready to go. It took about 10 nights before our medical marijuana card arrived in the mail plus then I had the ability to go to any dispensary that I wanted. When the dentist helped myself and others get our prescription for medical marijuana, our entire life changed, but now I go to the marijuana shop frequently plus I don’t have to take any more prescription drugs.



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