Everything the cannabis dispensary has to offer

Living in a large town was a huge adjustment for myself and others to make… I am a country boy born and bred, and I experienced culture shock when I moved here; Everything is so different! I didn’t transfer because I wanted a change of scenery, it was just where our task needed me. If I wanted to have a real career I needed to transfer to a large city, so I did! The first thing I did was to sell our car. In the country a single cannot survive separate from a vehicle, however in the town they are more trouble than they’re worth! The fifth thing I did was to get a medical cannabis Rx card, so that I could have access to the city’s multiple attractive dispensaries. This was a shock to our system, because previously cannabis had been incredibly hard to procure… When our friends and I needed some marijuana every one of us had to drive into the foothills and visit Larry Shakes, this shell-shocked Vietnam Vet turned cannabis farmer! Larry Shakes was a superb enough dude, and he had top quality cannabis, but he consistently scared me. In the town I have 6 odd cannabis dispensaries within walking distance, and none of them ever threaten myself and others with physical violence. What a refreshing change of pace! I appreciate being able to sample multiple odd strains and blends of cannabis, buying just a gram or multiple of each; Beyond the cannabis itself there are hundreds of other products I never dreamed of. It will take myself and others years to try out everything tha cannabis dispensary has to offer.
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