When I lost my job I went overboard with cannabis

When I lost my job I became depressed and despondent.

I had put in more than six years on that job, and legitimately expected to be there for the rest of my career.

I was let go for financial reasons, because the modern owners wanted to cut back on expenses they eliminated 15% of the workforce. I was just unlucky, but I took the news undoubtedly hard. Thankfully I was given a “golden parachute” with my release, and that provided me enough money to live for a few weeks before finding a modern job. I started experimenting with smoking cannabis, something I had never done before in my life! Not even in school, when all my friends were smoking cannabis, because I was focused on getting good grades, but chalk it up to arrested development or being a late bloomer, but after I discovered the wonders cannabis had to offer me I sort of went off the deep end, since I had enough money in the back to float me for a little while I made frequent trips to the cannabis dispensary, and tried using dozens of different kinds of products. I enjoyed the cannabis edibles and cannabis drinks, but was not a immense fan of the vape pens. Vaping cannabis oil did nothing b ut make me yearn for the tangy bite of actual cannabis smoke. Before I knew it numerous weeks had gone by, and I had done nothing but sit in my house blazing cannabis. Trying to motivate myself to go get a modern job is going to be difficult.

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