Using cannabis edibles for community service

My next door neighbor is a salty old timer named Declan, who hails from the fair country of Scotland. That’s where he was born, anyway. He has lived in the USA for so long he doesn’t even have a Scottish accent anymore, he’s just like any other retired American. Well… that isn’t accurate, because there is one thing about Declan that is very unique. He grows weed in the greenhouse in his backyard, and uses it to make edibles for the local old folks home. Declan considers this to be a community service, because the state government refuses to legalize cannabis. I enjoy smoking cannabis recreationally, and have done so for many years. I am not the type of smoker who freaks out when he runs out of marijuana, but I do enjoy keeping it around the house whenever possible. This is much easier because of my friendship with Declan, who always has some cannabis he can sell me. Most of his time, effort, and marijuana harvest goes into making huge batches of edibles. Declan keeps it simple, focusing on the classic pot brownie, which he then cuts up, wraps, and packages to distribute for free at the old folk’s home. These senior citizens are often in poor health, and the cannabis edibles help them in so many subtle ways. Declan makes a trip to the old folks home once a week to hand out his delicious cannabis edibles. He always invites me to go with him but I always have to politely decline, because old people freak me out.

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