Going to the coast for Springtime break was a bomb idea

Every year for the past three years, my friends as well as I have gone down South for our Springtime break celebration.

Since it was our senior year, I thought of something bizarre for our last Springtime break celebration.

I proposed all of us go to the West Coast instead! Either way, all of us have to take an aircraft as well as I thought it might be fun to love our last Springtime break in a city as well as state that allows legal recreational marijuana. The plane tickets were a few hundred dollars extra, however nobody minded paying the additional fees. Most of my friends agreed that it was a much better system to go to the coast. The morning all of us arrived, temperatures outside we’re only 71 degrees. It really wasn’t 90, like it was down south where most of our other friends ended up. My friends as well as I left the airport as well as instantly went to a recreational marijuana dispensary. The people I was with and I obtained a ton of bizarre items as well as received a discount since it was our first time in the store. The people I was with and I obtained a few pre-rolled dried marijuana flower joints as well as a glass bowl to smoke the additional flower that all of us obtained. The people I was with and I also obtained some disposable vaporizer pens that all of us smoked the whole time all of us were out as well as about. Even though it wasn’t entirely tepid or humid, my friends as well as I still appreciated driving up as well as down the coast. The beach was filled with shoppers as well as all of us ended up in the state during the 420 holiday. I am sure all of us had a lot more fun than most of our friends that went to the beach as well as got a exhausting sunburn.

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