I may be old but I still love cannabis cafe day

I wish I had a picture of my son’s face when I suggested visiting the local cannabis spot.

My son is a responsible dad now and he’s doing all the right things when it comes to career and family. But there was definitely a feeling of fatigue and stress radiating from him. He came to visit me not long ago. I now live in a beach town since I retired. His mom passed away several years ago so it’s just me and my son during these visits. The day he arrived, we took a short walk down to the local cannabis spot. As I opened the door, the look on his face was priceless. And it only got more interesting from there. The folks at the local cannabis spot know me by name and they’re also always so nice and welcoming. That day they had some of my favorite hybrid strains ready for me. I could have availed myself or the cannabis delivery service but I really love seeing my friends at the cannabis dispensary. It took my son a minute to gather himself. And then I asked him if he’d like a pot brownie or maybe some purple haze or something. Since it was just the two of us, I didn’t see what the harm in some recreational marijuana would be. I had found his stash of cannabis back in college so I knew he knew what it was about. We’re both grown ups now and I think sharing a little sativa was a good thing. That night we went home and cooked a wonderful dinner together. The wine was perfect and we indulged in a little bit of the cannabis products we got that day. It was so great to watch the stress melt away from my wonderful son and it was a great weekend.


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