Cannabis helps me with my eating disorder

Life is miserable when you have an eating disorder.

This is a fact and I’ve lived this experience.

Sometimes I wonder if I even know what normal looks like. Thanks to marijuana and the good people at the local cannabis shop, I’m slowly changing. It’s great to not feel like I’m tackling this situation alone but with the help of others and my local cannabis spot. I’m in therapy and also and regularly seen by my doctor. It was the medical professionals who suggested that I look into using cannabis to help in my recovery. This was such an important avenue for me learning a new normal. Using both sativa and indica or even hybrid strains allows me to recognize a healthy appetite. Of course, that sounds strange to anybody who hasn’t had an eating disorder. With marijuana, my appetite is both real and strong. With help from my therapist, I’m learning to acknowledge this appetite as a good thing and not the enemy. But it has been a challenge. When you go so long associating food and body image with an appetite, it takes a while to figure out. But I’m doing it and the folks at the cannabis dispensary sure do help me out. They don’t just supply me with the cannabis products that help me in my recovery. They’re also just really kind human beings. I’ve been very candid with the staff and they are really pulling for me and I can feel it. It’s a wonderful feeling every time I visit my local cannabis spot. Not only do I come away with the cannabis products I need but all the kindness and compassion come with it for free.

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