My friend Angie is going to be opening a medical cannabis dispensary

My friend Angie has been planning to open up a medical cannabis dispensary here in our city for a while now.

A few years ago when she first started talking about doing it, I thought that the whole thing just sounded like a crazy idea.

I honestly did not believe that a medical cannabis dispensary, or a recreational cannabis dispensary, for that matter, would ever do well here in our city. But now that it has been a couple of years and the vast majority of people seem to be coming around to the benefits of cannabis, I’m starting to think that a medical cannabis dispensary might not be such a bad idea after all. Angie has been working really hard to go through lots of different legal loopholes and training classes in order to get everything ready to go for the cannabis dispensary. I actually think that she might really be on to something with this whole idea. It did take her a long time to get everything sorted out for the dispensary, but right now it is starting to look like she will have everything up and running by this time next year. I am actually pretty excited for Angie now that her dream of owning a medical cannabis dispensary is finally coming true for her. I think that the dispensary is going to be really great. She has worked so hard on everything, and there is actually not another cannabis dispensary anywhere in our area. That will definitely help her with competition! I think that people will come to her dispensary from all over the place.
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