Don’t worry about it, these pot brownies are the real deal

When the 1st cannabis dispensaries arrived in our part of town, I was so eager to go inside and check them all out.

  • In fact, since the state marijuana laws had changed, I hadn’t even tried smoking recreational marijuana.

This was something that I was eager to quickly correct. It had been 2 decades since I had been able to taste any sort of cannabis product. And that was due to the fact that possessing marijuana was a crime. I used sativa and indica products when I was going to the university. This was not at all odd where I went to school. Most of the student body had used cannabis to some degree. But once I started my professional career, the stakes became so much higher. Derailing my career due to a cannabis offense was not at all what I was looking to do. Subsequently, I wanted to just pass on weed whenever it was offered. And I actually wasn’t looking to buy marijuana for sale from shady sources. That’s why once the laws changed, I was particularly stoked to try out marijuana. But what I wasn’t prepared for was the array of cannabis products in the local cannabis spot. Not only were there all sorts of sativa, indica and hybrid strains on sale, there were edibles. I had last tried a marijuana edible back in school and it was awful. Not only was this a complete waste of cannabis, it tasted poorly too. Plus, I didn’t love any sort of high from those brownies my roommate made. But I can honestly attest to the high quality of the pot brownies I was able to buy at the local cannabis shop!


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