It’s always a trip going to the cannabis dispensary

I Hope this election cycle will end with cannabis products finally being legal in our state. Medical marijuana is back on the ballot and I hope this time it will pass. For me and my wife Pat, this would be such a great change. We’ve been medical marijuana advocates for a very long time. There are a lot of people who are suffering from a litany of maladies that could be managed using cannabis products. And Yet this our state is still just so backward when it comes to marijuana laws. But that hasn’t stopped Pat and I from being able to get the sativa and indica strains that both of us want to use. Fortunately for Pat and I, our neighboring state has much better access to cannabis dispensaries. All medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal in our sibling state. So that means that Pat and I can simply make a trip out of going to get our cannabis products. Usually, about once every 6 weeks or so, both of us make a trip out of state to get the cannabis products that both of us should be able to obtain here. We normally go to the same spot in order to get the indica and sativa strains that both of us count on to help us manage our sanity. This neighborhood has all sorts of cool things I enjoy doing and seeing, along with having various great marijuana businesses. There is 1 local cannabis shop in that neighborhood that both of us identifiably enjoy. This cannabis dispensary always has the best hybrid strains for sale along with great edibles as well. We make a whole weekend out of it and stay in a nice hotel suite for a bit of pampering along with our cannabis product shopping.



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