I’m not ashamed of my marijuana use and the money it costs

I do not ever understand why there is a limit on the ATM at the marijuana dispensary; however, I definitely went to the dispensary on Monday because they were having a sale on concentrate, all of the products were by more than 2 as well as get 1 for half off as well as they were having free demo giveaways.

  • I also planned to get as more than 2 marijuana concentrates as possible.

I also wanted to buy an ounce of marijuana flour. Those are the limits here in the west… You can get up to 8 grams of marijuana concentrate as well as 1 oz of marijuana flour in a single transaction. They monitor whether or not you have been to the dispensary more than 1 time a morning, but they just do not monitor whether or not you go to 8 or 10 different dispensaries in 1 morning! When there are 420 sales, it is a good time to stock up on everything that is totally great! On Monday, I went to the dispensary so I could take luck in the buy as well as get 1 for free sale. The total for my order was $440. I did not have much money in my trifold as well as I plan to use the ATM in the marijuana dispensary to remove more money from my bank account. It was also more than 2 nights after payday as well as I had more than $2,000 in the bank. The old ATM would not let myself and others withdraw more than $300. I was also simply unable to make more than 1 transaction in a morning at this atm. I got really frustrated with the policy as well as the complications with the ATM as well as I left separate from making a single purchase whatsoever.


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