My shift starts at 9am every day

Everyday my shift starts at 9:00 a.m., but I am often late for work. The only reason that my boss has put up with my tardiness for such a long time is because I have been working at the grocery store since I was 15. I know the guy doesn’t want to fire me, and maybe I take advantage of his kindness from time to time. My friends and I party regularly all night long. I think that is what you are supposed to do when you are in your 20s. My friends and I all live in an apartment together and we can get rowdy from time to time. We have been partying a lot since recreational marijuana was legalized last month. All of the medical marijuana facilities can immediately start selling recreational marijuana and the prices have been super low. We have found a lot of deals for first time patients and my friends and I have saved 20 or 30% on every single one of our recreational marijuana orders. We have also been drinking a lot of beer and alcohol and it is football season. Even though I set my alarm for 7:30, I often don’t hear the alarm ringing until after 8:00. Sometimes I hit the snooze and I don’t even remember. I was late for work a couple of days last week and I was late yesterday. The boss brought me into the office and said that it was going to be my final warning. If I am late again, I am going to get a 3-day suspension. I won’t get paid during that time, so I really need to be careful.


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