Vapes are easy and discreet

When I first started shopping at the cannabis dispensary, I was strictly interested in smokable flower. I either purchased dried weed to pack into pipes or I chose pre-rolls for the convenience. As much as I enjoyed the experience of smoking, I wasn’t overly happy with the ash, smoke and odors. I didn’t like the need for a lighter and an ashtray. If I rolled my own joints, the process created waste and mess. Plus, my joints didn’t always turn out perfect. Sometimes they were rolled too tight and wouldn’t burn consistently. When I purchased pre-rolls, I wasn’t always satisfied with the quality of the flower. One of the budtenders at the dispensary suggested that I give vapes a try. Initially, I was skeptical. However, I read up on cannabis vapes and learned that there’s lots of unique advantages. Because the cannabis oil is heated just to the point of vaporization rather than combustion, a greater percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes are converted. That means superior flavors, effects and health benefits. With vapes becoming so popular, there are more strains being introduced all the time. I can be really particular about the THC level and flavors that I want. The vapes are available in disposable as well as refillable cartridges. I can buy a one-time-use vape pen that fits easily into my pocket. The better models allow me to regulate temperature and dosage. All it takes is a press of a button, and I can inhale without drawing any attention. There is no smoke or smells created. Vaping is way easier and more discreet than traditional smoking.



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