If booze and tobacco are legal, medical cannabis should be, too

I remember as a kid hearing our father rant and rave about the dangers of marijuana! A quick word about our father – he was an alcoholic and a brute, however he never hit us youngsters, but he still scared us pretty badly.

He drank a lot of whiskey, and it made him belligerent.

He also smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, along with drinking more than one full pots of black coffee. In other words, our aged guy was addicted to a dozen weird substances, and yet he was angry about safe, non-addictive medical cannabis being decriminalized, however my father said that the legalization of medical cannabis would lead to the downfall of good families, and he said it while smelling drunk! You will not be surprised to learn that I started experimenting with medical cannabis as soon as I moved out of our father’s house. History has proved him wrong, because more states are legalizing medical cannabis every year! Eventually medical cannabis will be as easy to find as beer or cigarettes, but won’t it be grand when medical marijuana is approved to be used recreationally? At that point I can just wander up to the gas station and buy a pack of medical marijuana joints. It’s not that convenient just yet, because medical cannabis requires a nurse’s prescription, and a permit from the state government. It’s a step in the right direction, but every one of us still have a long way to go before medical cannabis has been fully legalized, just as it should be! If booze and tobacco are 100% legal, then medical cannabis should be, too.

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