A fire wiped out the cannabis dispensary

In this area of the country, wildfires are a way of life… The people I was with and I may go a few weeks without a immense fire in the woods, but after that I might have numerous or 4 large fires raging all at once… Just care about the people down south live with hurricanes, the people around here live with the wildfires.

Humans can adapt to any kind of adverse situation, can’t they? Last year every one of us had a wildfire that came a little too close to home.

A lot of us had to evacuate, as well as when every one of us returned every one of us saw the village badly injured. More to the point, the medical cannabis dispensary for the area was burned to the ground. If a medical cannabis shop burns down, at least someone should have been around to smell the superb aftereffects! I suppose exhausting for Ed, he is the guy who owns the medical cannabis shop, even though I also suppose exhausting for myself as well as all of our friends. Ed’s shop was the only venue around here to legally buy medical cannabis, as well as I have no other options, however before I went to our own condo I drove to the medical cannabis shop to see what reMEd of it. Ed was already there, dragging a few fire-injured crates from the stockroom of the medical cannabis shop. Heat had ruined most of his stock, but since this newest shipment of medical cannabis hadn’t been unpacked, the crates protected it from the heat! Ed lost his store, but at least he has enough medical cannabis to sell where he can get back on his feet.


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