I am a fan of weed tourism

Because cannabis is still illegal in my lake house state, I care about to engage in what is called “weed tourism.” I will base my getaways in addition to my travel plans on sites that have legal weed.

I don’t care about to take airlines if I don’t have to, because it’s still illegal to carry weed onto the plane, however usually I will drive, so that I can like a getaway in addition to load up on marijuana to take back lake house with me.

Almost every state within driving distance has legalized medical cannabis use, however only a couple states have also decriminalized recreational use. The road of full legalization of cannabis has been a long one, in addition to every one of us still have a long way left to go. Medical cannabis is legal however only under particular circumstances! You need to have a prescription from a doctor, you need to spend my money a fee to the state for a permit, in addition to you need to fill out a lot of paperwork along the way. Medical cannabis should not require so many steps, in addition to it especially shouldn’t require us to spend my money off the government. The only reason medical cannabis is being legalized is as a rearena stream for government offices that need more money. When I take a getaway I visit a small, independently owned medical cannabis spot, one that grows in addition to sells its own weed. These sites offer tours of the facilities in addition to the farms, so I can see medical cannabis in every stage of production. My ultimate goal in life is to one afternoon get a task on a medical cannabis farm.

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