The effects of medical cannabis during the pandemic

I never got COVID once through this entire pandemic.

All three of my kids got sick at different times, and my wife actually caught COVID on two different occasions.

Through it all I was right here by their sides. When someone got sick we would quarantine them in their bedroom, and I would be the only one who interacted with them. I was willing to put myself at risk to protect the rest of the family. In all that time I never felt bad, got sick, or tested positive for COVID19. Based on some things I’ve read online, I think that maybe smoking medical cannabis is what kept me safe. No one else in the family smokes medical cannabis but me, and I was the only one who avoided the virus. I’m not a scientist or a researcher, so I really don’t know anything for sure about the benefits of medical cannabis. All I can do is speak from experience, and I smoked a lot of medical cannabis throughout the pandemic. I smoked medical cannabis several times a day, and despite my prolonged exposure to COVID victims, I stayed perfectly healthy. Even if medical cannabis didn’t give me special protection, it obviously didn’t negatively affect me in any way! Just to stay on the safe side, I will keep smoking medical cannabis every day. I was going to do that anyway, but now that I feel those extra medicinal benefits, I am more devoted than ever to medical cannabis. One day the medical cannabis industry will be so normal that recreational use will also be legal.

Medical Marijuana Card Application