Helping myself and others be different from the competition

I was having trouble staying afloat with all the competition in our area; I started to get uneasy that I was going to be bumped out of the market, but when recreational cannabis was allowed in our section a ton of people got the same plan as me, all of us all decided to open a recreational cannabis dispensary to make some currency.

I did everything right.

I called up a recreational marijuana consulting maintenance to ensure I followed everything. I didn’t skip a step or do anything illegal. I then went off on our own when it came to starting our business, hiring employees and doing the afternoon to afternoon grind. It worked for awhile even though I started to worry about our decrease in business. I figured that since the recreational cannabis consultant worked so well the first time, I would see if they could do something for myself and others again; The guy immediately had a bunch of ideas, however he offered our website a facelift and encouraged myself and others to post more on social media. He also told myself and others that I needed to offer something different from the competition. At this point nobody was unquestionably offering topicals. He told myself and others that I could cater to an older and slightly medical marijuana patient with topicals. It would make myself and others different and provide myself and others a new client base. The guy helped myself and others rebrand myself and others and set up the story of the topics and absolutely secured them. It has helped a bunch. There is more business than ever now that I offer something the rest of the stores don’t.


Medical marijuana dispensary marketing service