My favorite cannabis dispensary charges $15 for delivery orders

If you need to get something fast as well as don’t have the time to leave the house, more as well as more companies these mornings are offering lake house delivery options.

For instance, I started getting deliveries from the nearby grocery stores at the height of the pandemic to avoid unnecessary exposure to sick people. But now even the hardware stores are offering to bring your orders to your door for a nominal fee that can be waived if you buy their subscription service. This was entirely helpful the week I was getting our lake house ready for the hurricane as well as didn’t have the time to stop at the hardware store once a day to collect whatever supplies I kept forgetting while in each individual trip. While I’m not utilizing the lake house delivery choice as much as before, I would be lying if I said I didn’t get at least a single order a week delivered from the hardware store. I do nearly all of our lake house service myself so I’m always working in our garage doing something related to the house. Another convenient service that I appreciate getting delivered to our lake house is the cannabis dispensary. There are plenty I can visit on our way lake house from labor in the mornings, but sometimes it’s more convenient to get a delivery from the recreational cannabis dispensary on the weekends. It’s a $15 fee for every cannabis delivery order that is under $100 in total after any sales or promotions. Usually I try to buy our entire week’s allotment worth of cannabis products in a single order just to avoid the fee for the cannabis delivery service.

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