I just do pre rolls now

I am not very careful when it comes to certain things.

  • I am always dropping things, spilling my coffee, banging into end tables, you name it.

My mother used to shout be more careful to me all the time. When I started getting into cannabis, loose flower form was all the rage. My friends liked to buy rolling papers and make the joints themselves. It was cheaper that way. I had a problem with rolling my own cannabis. I never could decide the right amount of weed. I always seemed to pack the paper with way too much and have trouble rolling it. Then I would have a fat and sometimes lopsided joint that was difficult to light. I realized that in the rolling process I would lose about half my product. After a while I just realized I am not a role model. Thankfully the recreational cannabis dispensary near me offers pre rolls for sale. Buying a pre roll is so much more cost effective for me. They have the right amount of cannabis flower in a tightly packed joint. Now all I need to do is light and go. I can even buy single ones of each flavor so I don’t need to commit to one strain like OG Kush or Blue Dream for a whole month. My friends technically do save money rolling it themselves. I save time and I get to enjoy more variety. So in the end I think I am the smarter one. Pre rolls are really the way to go.

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